The Do’s & Don’ts

Do invest in a secure online ordering system.
Do keep your audience in mind and create copy that personally speaks to them.
Do create a clear and compelling sales message.
Do update your site content and keep it fresh and current.
Do anticipate and answer your visitor’s questions.
Do check your site to ensure all forms and links are working.
Do include a call to action on each page. You won’t get business if you don’t ask for it. Do include your contact information.
Do offer links to programs like Acrobat Reader needed to view your site information.
Do choose a Web host that provides exceptional service, minimal down time, and consistent site backups.
Do carefully check your content for spelling and grammar mistakes. Errors are unprofessional and show a lack of attention to detail.
Do title each page to be search engine (and bookmark) friendly.
Do use a URL and domain name that accurately reflects your business or company name and is easy to remember.

Don’t confuse your visitor with too many topics on one page. Organize information logically.
Don’t let your site become outdated. Your credibility will disappear if you offer Mother’s Day specials just in time for Father’s Day.
Don’t include too many colors, fonts, or font sizes that distracts your visitor.
Don’t yell at your visitor by using all capital letters.
Don’t take your customer’s privacy for granted. Create a privacy policy and stick to it. Don’t insult your customer by selling his information to third parties.
Don’t ignore or delay customer requests. Return all customer inquiries promptly because you never know whom they may recommend you to even if they don’t buy from you.
Don’t add a “visitor count” to your site. No need to brag how many or show how few visit.
Don’t include graphics that fail to add importance to your site.
Don’t use silly clip art unless absolutely necessary.
Don’t add unnecessary “extras” that will take a particularly long time to load.
Don’t ignore customer complaints, just because you’re on the Web doesn’t mean your business won’t be affected by dissatisfied customers sharing their experience with others.

by Kelley Rao, Webeze