Social Media

Customized Social Media Portals
$395.00 (one-time setup)


The Benefits

This type of access, allowing brands and companies to interact with their customers in this manner is a great boon to organizations, providing them with information and insight into consumer preferences in ways that never would have been possible in the past while also allowing them to obtain personalized and direct responses and information from consumers regarding how their product performs, along with additional information about the desires of the market.

Set up company accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn
Facebook: Includes adding your logo, up to 25 photos including captions for SEO and links to your website
Twitter custom designed background


Level A = $ 80 per month

2 weekly Facebook updates
2 weekly LinkedIn updates
2 weekly Twitter updates

Level B = $ 180 per month

3 weekly Facebook updates
3 weekly LinkedIn updates
3 weekly Twitter updates
For other updates options as blog, articles, or more times a month, please contact us.